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The Safiyağ family produces an average of 15 thousand tons of oil per year with its olive oil storage and filling facility where is located in the middle of Hatay region and has 2300 m2 closed area and 8000 m2 open area which has given priority to serving you with our superior sense of quality. We acquire olive oil from our producers throughout the year and present to the market as the final product  after being analyzed and then commissioned, processed, packaged  in our fully equipped laboratory. We are processing natural and extra virgin olive oil through filling and packing in our factory.

Safiyağ is continuing to develop its olive oil culture to be the pioneer of innovations without compromising its unique flavor.


Producing high Quality, Tasty, Healthy and Innovative products according to changing needs of the consumer and the search for the perfect flavor. To present the best value to humanity in our field.


To provide the sustainable supply chain by assuring the products and services that our customers need with our expert team in their fields.

To reach the highest level in the international market in all the services and to become a permanent model company through providing services and goods to our customers.